The Three Sentinels


Oh line of trees all dark and green
Like stately sentinels you stand —
God’s mystery to the world you bring,
God’s presence to the land!

So straight and free,
So still and dark,
God’s sentinels you stand.
Your leafiness makes one forget
The wrath of His invisible Hand.

But lacy leaves mean sturdy bark,
So sure you point the mark —
Big exclamations to God’s throne,
Your trembling leaves cry “Hark!”

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  1. Thank you for the poem, Emily. I never heard it before, but it fits the season beautifully. Is the picture yours? It reminds me of the colorful tree I posted last week (and again yesterday.)

    • Yes it is Skip. I watch these trees every year when I drive to the horse barn. Carry my camera when they peak. This one I altered in Topaz Impressions to make it ‘artsy.’

      I think it is the same tree as the one you were posting as well. Awesome find.

      • The tree I posted was a sugar maple. They are gorgeous in the fall. Like you, I keep an eye out for them when it’s time for them to peak. I never heard of Topaz Impressions, but I love the effect.

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