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Chasing the Sun

The photo above was created by the Occipital.com 360 application on my iPhone 4s, then downloaded to my PC and imported into Lightroom 3.5 for minor editing. Edits included adding some black, clarity and vibrance. The location is from Pretty Marsh Picnic Area. Being able to find this […]

A Mountain of Photos

Grandfather Homer ┬áCarter in his Conductor Uniform I don’t know about you, but the advent of digital photography has led to a countless number of photographs that have ended up on my hard drive. I already have a hard enough issue managing the 17,000 + photographs that I’ve […]

Sliding Down Sacsayhuaman

High among the hills that overlook Cusco, Peru lies an ancient fortress named Sacsayhuaman. Commonly known to international visitors as “Sexy Woman”, this fortress was built in the early 1500’s by thousands of men within 60-years time. These ancient monoliths built in a lightening bolt pattern brings nothing […]

Day One in Peru

After 16 long overnight hours, and three flights to get to Cuzco, Peru, I got to have the unique pleasure of having headaches due to the lack of oxygen. However, it is with great excitement to finally be in Peru and to begin my acclimation to the altitude […]