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Happy Father’s Day

  A wonderful Happy Father’s Day to all of those fathers and children out there. Here is my dad, who was an Anthropologist on the granite slide at Sacsayhuaman ruins in Cusco, Peru back in the 1950’s. This rock slide was for the Incan children of nobles. Never […]

In Honor of Easter

High in the Andes mountains the glory and memory of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made is celebrated. The Fiesta de las Cruces is celebrated on the 3rd of May each year. Decorated, these crosses are included in parades for all to enjoy. Palms molded into decorative arrangements are […]

Meeting of the Minds

Somehow these two bulls in the Andes Mountains in Peru remind me of our government representatives. With the fiscal cliff impending, it’s like two bulls in a Mexican standoff, hoping the other will back off. Here’s hoping a meeting of minds will occur.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth) Following a three and a half day arduous trek across the Andes Mountains on the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu awaited my arrival. A sacred place in many ways, Machu Picchu holds a key to my spirit that cannot be explained. The Quechua Indians […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Huge boulders are found at the Inca ruins of Sacsayhuaman. A total marvel in themselves, understanding that their weight can be up to 70 tons makes you wonder how the Incas moved them. The quarry where they came from named Sisicancha is over 3 kilometers away! Placed perfectly […]

The Churches of Cuzco

Walking the colonial streets of Cuzco, Peru one is reminded of the dominance of the Spaniards over the Incas in the early 1500’s. Being the capital of the Inca Empire, conquest of Cuzco was the triumph of the Spanish. In celebration of their success, and their determination to […]