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Scrappy Scaup

Yep, I’m a scrappy scaup. Lesser Scaup that is. My brothers and cousins come in huge numbers and love to winter along the Chesapeake Bay. We’re little diving ducks that love the water. One of my favorite things to do with my cousins is to confuse little birders […]

The Canvasback

Got another diving duck for you today in this week’s diving ducks in Centennial Lake theme. Allow me to introduce you to “The Canvasback”. As the largest diving duck found in North America, the Canvasback has bright red eyes. Wintering in the Chesapeake Bay and the southern part […]

Duck, Duck, Dive!

Woo Hoo ! Finally got out for the first day after my surgery just a week ago. Amazing that I was able to get out so soon after some major excavation done. So I went searching for ducks. See, the local birding community keep sharing these awesome photos […]

A Bit Buggy Eyed

This past week has been a difficult week. Between the tragic loss of my cat, me dropping my beautiful and large camera kit with the 500mm lens, and heavy duty business meetings, I’m a bit buggy eyed. Yesterday I took an impromptu trip up to Middle Creek Wildlife […]