Befuddled by a Bufflehead


Along with the many overwintering diving ducks in the Chesapeake Bay, the Bufflehead is frequently seen. A small little duck that is quite shy and quick, they are hard to capture.

Many times they are rushing away from me, or really far away. Yesterday at Centennial Lake, I was lucky that a few were a little closer than usual, and not quite so shy. One of things I’ve been trying to capture over the past few years, is the remarkable coloring in their feathers around their neck. See, they are multicolored and irridescent. Many times the sun doesn’t hit their head just right and only black shows up in the images. Try as I may with post processing, these glorious colors don’t come through.

Finally, the stars aligned and a few beautiful captures appeared.


And then they have these cute bright pink feet. Only seen briefly during a dive.



The Bufflehead likes to summer throughout Canada and strangely enough loves to nest in trees in old Northern Flicker holes.

I love these little guys. Now only if they wouldn’t take off when they see me coming.

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  1. Fantastic! If only they had internet access and could see what justice you’ve done them maybe they wouldn’t run from you anymore!!

    Gorgeous little ducks and great job getting those colors, props indeed. I like the variety you’ve captured here and how you seem to have collected all their best features, their iridescent feathers, their feet, their diving and the flexing (we’ll call it displaying here) of the wings. A successful day I think. 🙂

    • LOL ! No actually, I think the bird world talks to each other and they tell each other to run from me whenever they see them. It’s a funny thing. The first couple of years I used to get the dirtiest looks from birds because of my big cyclops lens glaring/staring at them. You’d laugh at them.

      I got so lucky to get that wing display..hoping to get out more with more time to sit and wait for something exciting. Who knows what I’ll come up with.Thanks for your kind words.

      • Well I’m looking forward to how your waiting pays off, so far it’s looking really good.

        You know, now that I think about it, if I were a bird I’d have a real good laugh messing with people ALL the time. I’d probably pose real cool like then move the second they try to snap the pic. But see I’d have a bit more compassion and come back around to give them a good shot in the end.

        But I’m not a bird so it might just be really annoying. Birds can be tricky and rather flighty creatures. 😉 Maybe if you talk to them they’ll start listening. 🙂

        Keep up the good work nonetheless!

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