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Ducks in the City

Duck season ~ I really do love duck season. There is just something silly and fun about these diving and dabbling feathered friends that play and swim in the frozen waters. The season is just beginning for me and this time of year one of my usual duck […]

Befuddled by a Bufflehead

Along with the many overwintering diving ducks in the Chesapeake Bay, the Bufflehead is frequently seen. A small little duck that is quite shy and quick, they are hard to capture. Many times they are rushing away from me, or really far away. Yesterday at Centennial Lake, I […]

Duck, Duck, Dive!

Woo Hoo ! Finally got out for the first day after my surgery just a week ago. Amazing that I was able to get out so soon after some major excavation done. So I went searching for ducks. See, the local birding community keep sharing these awesome photos […]