Duck, Duck, Dive!

Woo Hoo ! Finally got out for the first day after my surgery just a week ago. Amazing that I was able to get out so soon after some major excavation done. So I went searching for ducks. See, the local birding community keep sharing these awesome photos of ducks in a neighborhood lake. The ice limits their ability to use all the water, and the open area is closest to the parking lot. Centennial Lake is the winter haven for Canada Geese, Ring Billed Gulls, Ring Necked Ducks, Canvasbacks, Buffleheads and a solitary Redhead duck.



It’s been so long that I’ve been out shooting birds, that I felt quite rusty. Add to walking just a little gingerly and making sure not to slip on the slippery lake bank I sat down in a little chair and waited. Watched and waited. It was a sunny afternoon and the cold 35 degrees actually felt a little warm.

These Redhead ducks are found in the Chesapeake Bay area during the winter months, and spend their summers in the Pacific Northwest.

Redhead greeted me and went back to his busy schedule of ducking and diving.




It was so great to be out, and I hope that I’m able to get out much more in the near future. The weather may hold me out a bit, but I’ve got all sorts of great bird reports worth chasing. Stay tuned!!

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    • Oh my too ! Got a clean bill of health from the surgeon today. Woo Hoo! Centennial lake rocked ! I literally parked at the boat ramp and walked 50 feet to the water’s edge and sat down in my little chair. Right up your alley too.

    • Thank you so much Jake ! You too would love Centennial lake. The lake is mostly frozen over, so they hang out near the boat ramp. I’m hoping today’s rain won’t wash away that ice, but I think it gets cold again soon for several days. You should try it!

  1. Congrats on being back out! I bet the fresh air and sunshine helped your healing. 😉

    That Redhead is pretty cool with his little yellow eyes. I think he was happy to see you. I like how you have been capturing these ducks mid dive so they become headless, it’s pretty funny really. 😀 Beautiful pics as always.

    • You know it does being out helps. But I’ve been sucked into a stressful black hole called my husband’s business which wasn’t planned. It was sudden and I’m pulling full-time hours. Took away my “it’s my time, to play, heal and do what I want” time. Boo Hoo.

      Haha! Headless duck, that’s awesome. You are awesome too. 🙂

      • Oh Hubby is a spoiler!! But at least you know what you’re doing is for a good cause right? 😉 Sorry to hear it’s stressful though, that’s no good, especially not for healing.

        Aww thanks…I think I would be perplexed to see a truly headless duck…

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