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Found Some Ducks!

As it’s winter and winter means Duck Season and I’ve been on the hunt for ducks. I’ve been hunting all over Maryland and haven’t had any luck. That is, until I headed down to Washington D.C. and visited Constitution Garden Ponds where a small mixed flock of ducks […]

A Winter’s Day

A dreary day today, but the birds sang in spite of the hovering clouds. I’ve been duck hunting on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, but have been rather unsuccessful. El Nino has been keeping the gulf stream further north, giving us a milder winter and keeping the […]

Rufous Tailed Hummingbird

One of the medium-sized hummingbirds seen in the cloud forest of Costa Rica is the Rufous Tailed hummingbird. Found through Central America from Mexico to the northern border of Peru, their reddish tail and pink beak is distinctive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now for some housekeeping – This blog has been […]

Crowned Wood Nymph

A charming little hummingbird can not be better described than as a wood nymph. These little darlings can be found in the lowlands of Costa Rica on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Hope this little one finds you in good spirits and ready for a fresh start […]

Violet Sabrewing

The video above has just been released by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. For 100 years, Cornell has been studying and researching the avian world. With over 10,00 species on our planet, their efforts in understanding the natural world and conservation efforts has educated generations throughout the past […]