That’s a lot of Geese!


I was driving down the highway on the way to the barn, when up in the sky huge flocks of geese caught my attention. I saw them dropping down and I just knew where they had to be heading. There is a hay field along the busy divided highway that I knew about, and in the wintertime the farmers dam up the stream trickle so that the water gathers.

Turning my car around, I parked behind a set a trees and grabbed my camera. Lots of geese, to me it seemed like a thousand of them had come in.

It’s all about timing and preparation. I happened to have my big lens in the car as I vow to capture an image a day this year. And it was good fortune that I happened to pass by the same time they were arriving. When I passed the flock about 15 minutes later, they had spread out on the field and the concentration of geese that I saw in one spot was no more.


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