Garden Bird Photography Studio

Falling into the category of having too much time on my hands, and the creative impulse hitting me, it was time for me to create a Garden Bird Photography Studio.

As an article writer for the online magazine Dynamic Range Magazine: Women in Photography, created and published by Leanne Cole Photography in Australia I have an upcoming article that is being included in the third issue.

My new article discusses the thought process put into designing a Garden Bird Photography Studio that you can do in your own garden. The next issue will soon to be available for purchase, and annual subscriptions are now offered.


I’ve been collecting props for the studio including rocks from a nearby stream. Setting up the perch stations closer to the house, I’m hoping that an upcoming snowstorm this weekend will have the birds busy in this new playground for them.

There are plenty of birds in the garden as I provide a steady food and water supply for them. Now it’s time for them to earn their keep.

What I like about my setup is that if I need to change anything, it’s easy to do. Just so long as a big fat squirrel doesn’t decide to climb on the branches thinking it’s a new jungle gym, I’m good.

While I was setting the stage, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was busy on a nearby tree. It didn’t take me long to go inside and grab a camera to catch him in action.


Meanwhile, while waiting for the snow storm, click through and like the Dynamic Range Magazine page. You’ll enjoy the stunning photographs and well written articles this magazine offers.

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  1. This is a great set up you have here! I’m sure this will line up photo opportunities for you like crazy. Will you every need to leave the house? Ha ha!

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