Found Some Ducks!

As it’s winter and winter means Duck Season and I’ve been on the hunt for ducks. I’ve been hunting all over Maryland and haven’t had any luck.

That is, until I headed down to Washington D.C. and visited Constitution Garden Ponds where a small mixed flock of ducks have called the Nation’s Capital their home.


After my visit to the Bird House at the National Zoo I headed down to the mall to visit them.

Some of my favorite ducks are these odd looking ones with big noses. Northern Shovelers are known for kicking up mud for the little weebles that live in there for their food.


Gadwalls are another favorite with their elegant and muted colors. Designer wear ducks, yeah..that’s what they are!


We’ve been having below freezing temperatures this week, which means frozen waters, which means ducks closer to land. I’m heading out for more duck hunting!

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  1. -4°C here for the last couple of nights. My bird drinking water bowl was a solid block of ice this morning and yesterday, but landscape is lovely. Enjoy your ducks! 🐣🐣🐣

  2. Great photos; I love sharing the world with our duck communities. There is nothing more special than watching traffic on a busy road stopped in both directions as drivers are patiently waiting for the mom and her ducklings to cross the road

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