Nature’s Textures

Old Man Winter has finally arrived to the Chesapeake Bay. While just the day before was filled with snow flurries, temperatures below freezing set in overnight.

Heading on a birding walkabout, the high winds following the storm kept the birds hiding, and the small marsh ponds at of Governor’s Bridge Natural Area were frozen over.

One in particular had remnants of man’s imprint on the surface. This particular pool always seemed industrially dirty as in a previous life, the land was used for a sand and gravel mining operation. Abandoned in the 1960’s, efforts have been made to allow nature to reclaim the land.

But the devastating stamp of industrialization remain buried under the surface. Sometimes to reappear when least expected.

The colors are beautiful though, and the ice seemed to shimmer in the bitter cold. Mother Nature adding her touch to the palate of color.

Not to be outdone however, is a resident beaver that has come and created his own art on trees near his beaver mound. Of course, he was nowhere to be found.


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