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Bloede’s Dam

“All good things must come to an end.” And such is the story of the historic Bloede’s Dam in Patapsco Valley State Park. Not well known, Bloede’s Dam was the world’s first hydroelectic dam, built by the Patapsco Electric and Manufacturing Company in 1907. Providing electric to the […]

Nature’s Textures

Old Man Winter has finally arrived to the Chesapeake Bay. While just the day before was filled with snow flurries, temperatures below freezing set in overnight. Heading on a birding walkabout, the high winds following the storm kept the birds hiding, and the small marsh ponds at of […]

Project 365/87 Recycle

Bet this is one place you’ve never been before. I’ve got a large garden which requires truckloads of mulch every year. I used to have a professional landscaper provide the mulch who charged me the price of my first born. Little did I know of this recycling place […]

Hoot are You?

There are wonderful people out in the world that share their great love and care for injured wildlife. Liz Owen of Raptors Eye is one of those kind and generous people. A registered nurse who has over the years taken care of countless injured birds and animals. Holding […]

An Industrial Morning

  It’s a busy Monday morning for me, but I wanted to share with you this glorious sunrise. Captured Saturday morning at Swan Creek Wetlands located near the Under Armour Factory. Swan Creek Wetlands is a birders paradise offering wide range of habitats for birds. Have a wonderful […]