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The Longwings

Enjoying the butterflies at the Wings of Fancy exhibit at Brookside Gardens is better than an Easter egg hunt. The more you look, the more you find. Along with the big ones and the little ones, there are also those with long wings. These long wings are mostly […]

Within my Garden

Within my Garden, rides a Bird Upon a single Wheel— Whose spokes a dizzy Music make As ’twere a travelling Mill— He never stops, but slackens Above the Ripest Rose— Partakes without alighting And praises as he goes, Till every spice is tasted— And then his Fairy Gig […]

In the Meadow

In the meadow little butterflies drift along. In the meadow the wildflowers are caressed by a gentle breeze. In the meadow the air is filled with bird song. In the meadow little treasures can be found. In the meadow serenity can be found. In the meadow your true […]

Wild Columbine

Columbines by: Teresa Hooley (1888-1973) Airily poised in the garden bed, Delicate saffron, white and rose, With gossamer petals lightly spread The columbines flutter upon their toes. Wait, till the moonlight sets them free! They’ll stir, they’ll shake off the dew, they’ll go Dancing, dancing (but you’ll not […]

In the Clover

Bunny Rabbit by Anonymous Bunny creeps out and caresses his nose, Combs out his ears with his fluttering toes, Blinks at the sun And commences to run With a skip and a hop And a flippety-flop, Nibbling the clover wherever he goes; But only when he is quite […]

Little Yellow Bird

The Yellowbird by James Whitcomb Riley HEY! my little Yellowbird, What you doing there? Like a flashing sun-ray, Flitting everywhere: Dangling down the tall weeds And the hollyhocks, And the lordly sunflowers Along the garden-walks. Ho! my gallant Golden-bill, Pecking ‘mongst the weeds, You must have for breakfast […]

A Barred Owl

A Barred Owl BY RICHARD WILBUR The warping night air having brought the boom Of an owl’s voice into her darkened room, We tell the wakened child that all she heard Was an odd question from a forest bird, Asking of us, if rightly listened to, “Who cooks […]