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Project 365 / Day 3

Today was a full day playing with my new Canon 500mm L lens and shooting birds. Even though the horses called me, the lure of the fancy lens hypnotized me. It was a fantastic birding day, with more than six new ┬ábirds that I’ve never seen before. With […]

Meow in Blue

Today was a busy photo field trip day that took my footsteps from Baltimore to Annapolis. I have a number of photos to work through so that I can share them with you. For this evening, I wanted to share with you this beautiful, Siamese cat found on […]

A Bunting We Will Go

A rare sight for Annapolis indeed. This little bird is a Snow Bunting who has migrated to the Chesapeake Bay in search for food this autumn. This little bird lives high on the frozen tundra in the upper arctic region of North America. Fondly nicknamed a Snowflake, this […]

A Messy Annapolis

Well, that was rather odd. I have a smugmug account, and I went and tried to share my Annapolis album with you via their “Be Social” option. Alas, all it sent over was this one mallard duck enjoying the flood in Annapolis harbor. So just discovered something, If […]

Never Forget

There are a few sacred resting places in the United States known as National Cemeteries. Throughout the country, there are 147 cemeteries in 39 states which honor those who have sacrificed their lives in the name of liberty. In the summer of 1862, Congress passed legislation for the […]