Meow in Blue

Annapolis Siamese Cat

Annapolis Siamese Cat

Today was a busy photo field trip day that took my footsteps from Baltimore to Annapolis. I have a number of photos to work through so that I can share them with you.

For this evening, I wanted to share with you this beautiful, Siamese cat found on a porch in downtown Annapolis. Now “Nap Town” is known more for being a dog town, and believe me, the dogs were out in full force. So it is  a rare sighting indeed to find a cat out and about. Perched on the porch, he was eye-balling several House Sparrows that were unknowingly spending time on the cat’s shubbery.

This cat looks like he enjoys scraping as one of his ears has been injured. But none worse for wear. He kept a wary eye on me as he was pretty comfy in his spot and clearly didn’t want to move.

Have a lovely evening! Bella

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  1. Beautiful, but then you know I am partial to cats, especially Siamese! I love the way that leaf in the foreground magically reflects and compliments those distinctive blue eyes. Really lovely.

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