A Bunting We Will Go

A rare sight for Annapolis indeed. This little bird is a Snow Bunting who has migrated to the Chesapeake Bay in search for food this autumn. This little bird lives high on the frozen tundra in the upper arctic region of North America. Fondly nicknamed a Snowflake, this lovely bird has graced us with its presence.

Word of this bird has quickly swept through the birding club and the birding paparazzi have been visiting “Thomas” daily on Thomas Point Park.  A very cooperative bird model, Thomas walks and hops along the grass eating new shoots and is more than willing to pose briefly on the rocks.

Such a charming little fellow. May you have snowflakes grace your day today. Bella

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  1. A sweet one, Emily. You are lucky to see this sparrow (we call it snow sparrow in norwegian). You can find them around here too some times, but I am not able to see what the small birds are, except on my feeders in winter..

    • We truly are lucky, thus the daily visits from the bird club members. You should see the huge scopes these birders have to see birds in a distance. This little one was so cooperative, as it was only 2 feet away from me and I used my 100-400mm L lens to capture this shot.

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