2013 Project 365

Project 365 / Day 84 – A Walkabout in the Snow

View over the Severn River

View over the Severn River

This is going to be a challenge to show you my walk about in just a few photos as I ended up with a number of beauties. I first headed towards Annapolis with an overlook at the World World II Memorial. A walking history tribute to the 6,454 Marylander’s who lost their lives in the war. With their names written on 20 granite stones. They will always be remembered.

The snow was falling hard enough that I couldn’t see Annapolis on the other side of the river.

World War II MemorialAnnapolis, Maryland

World War II Memorial
Annapolis, Maryland

A quick stop under the Severn River Bridge, officially known as the Pearl Harbor Bridge in Jonas Green ParkΒ to get a duck’s eye view of the bridge.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge

Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge

A scenic stop at Annapolis harbor, better known as Ego Alley.


Where this Ring-billed Gull flew in to see if I had any food for him.


All sorts of nautical things caught my eye.

annapolis25mar13-9793-Edit annapolis25mar13-9769-Edit

And the thought of grabbing this cute scooter and throwing it into my truck was hard to resist.


I stopped by the National Cemetery to give my respects to this Civil War soldier left cold in the snow.


Of course, no walk-about in the snow is complete until a country barn is found.


It just kept snowing and snowing and the morning was getting long. Time to get to the ponies and get their exercise in. It was a great walk-about in the snow even though it doesn’t look like it will last long.

For these and more images of Annapolis, feel free to visit my Smugmug Annapolis gallery by clicking on the image below.


Canon 7d, 24-105mm L. Adjustments in Lightroom and Nik Color Efex Pro.

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  1. Great photos! I love the bridge! We had 8+ inches today so I didn’t get out and about except to shovel 😦 and fill bird feeders. Days like this I wish I lived closer to civilization! The city looks so beautiful in snow.

  2. Exquisite, breathtaking photography, especially to one who has never been on the east coast, never seen a real harbor. I never have thought of a seagull as particularly beautiful, but this still shot of your harbor gull is amazing! She is incredibly beautiful. I know it must be largely in part to your obvious photog skills! The one of the sailing vessel tied to the dock is almost beyond words it is so lovely and magical and almost unbelievable! Thank you for sharing these priceless images, and you can be sure I will become a regular visitor!

    • Well, I would call the Annapolis Harbor a real harbor as I’ve seen the real deal up in Maine. Now those are harbors. I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed this series so much. It really means so much to me. I agree, the seagull was pretty awesome. I kept calling to him/her so that s/he would look straight at me, but nope..a vogue pose was more appropriate. That sail boat is pretty awesome and I think it’s been moored there for some time now.
      Thank you so much for your very kind words Cissy. It has made my day!

  3. I am a firm believer in the walkabout. John Updike believed art gives your soul the room to breathe. I would take that a step further and say I think the walkabout is the pathway to art. Your walkabout seems to be quite successful. I really like your war memorial photos in the snow.

    • I think I was born to wander. Certainly in my jeans (pun intended.) It really was snowing and I was a bit worried about my camera gear. Looks like it came out unscathed though. The WWII memorial was a great subject in the snow, and I hadn’t realized the date of the other tombstone until I got home. Something about the civil war always intrigues me. Thanks Charlie for your kind comment.

  4. These are lovely photos, dear friend. I always enjoy your articles, but I dont often have time to comment. I’m having a sleepless night, so I’m catching up on old friends. Bless you.

    • Oh I feel for you. Nothing like having lost sleep – it’s miserable ! It’s great to hear from you and hope all is going well with you. Your photography really is taking off with that course that you took Congrats, and thank you so much for dropping in.

  5. Beautiful photoset here…you really have captured winter (or should I say spring)…excellent..I can feel the cold

    • That’s the funny part, it wasn’t frigid at all. The snow was quite wet and a good part has melted already. Warming up the next two days so it’ll be gone before you know it. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a wonderful comment.

    • Thank you so much Will. I’m finding that people like the B&W images as well. More ‘artistic’ so I’m working with that. Some images do work better that way – like the bridge one. Annapolis is fun and I enjoyed having the city to myself in the snow. πŸ™‚

    • Ok..so all the photogs give me grief cuz I put my birds dead center. Well..it is the subject isn’t it? I like it that way. Birds are hard to get! I edited this image in Nik Color Efex Pro and found this halo effect really highlighted the gull. Pretty cool!

  6. Wonderful pictures and so evocative of that charming place! It’s alwasy heart-wrenching to visit war cemeteries, especially when you see the average age of the soldiers who fought for us. I had tears in my eyes when I visited the Omaha cemetery in Normandy: it’s got to be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen; some of them younger than my son! I am glad you paid homage to your dead.

    • I really appreciate the sacrifices that these men and women made to protect out country and our freedom. It’s part of our history that we should never forget. I haven’t made it to Omaha/Normandy. Now that must be heart-wrenching. Thanks Fatima.

  7. Emily these photographs are some of your best. Your eye saw the most perfect subjects to bring to life on a cold, wintry day. The timing perfect, B&W shown with detail, clarity and deep range giving reverence to your subject matter. Fabulous quality, I’m excited by the direction your photography is going. Congratulations ~ these were well-worth the time in cold weather.

    • You truly are amazing Mary, and I am so humbled by your thoughtful and kind comment to this series of images. You know when you get great paints and things just magically happen? That’s what’s happening with my images and this NIK Color Efex Pro. Although I must admit, practicing daily helps me get the compositions quicker without excess though. I’m encouraged. Perhaps one day someone may actually want to buy one of my pics. πŸ™‚

      • It’s only been a short time that you’ve had the equipment, but the quality and what you are able to do has been tremendous. There’s no question of the interest you have and will continue to garner, just watch buyers will be lining up. Seriously and now is when it gets real exciting!!!

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