2013 Project 365

A Chilly Morning on the Bay


A light dusting of white and fluffy snow arrived in the early evening. With hopes of beautiful winter scenes along the Chesapeake Bay the alarm was set for pre-dawn. Arriving to the destination of Possum Point with a view over the bay towards the Bay Bridge I wait for dawn to arrive.

First greeted by the sudden movement of a white-tailed deer that was startled by my arrival. I left the warm comfort of my car to walk along the water’s edge in search for the perfect spot. With animal tracks in the snow, are they fox, raccoon, deer? It is quite a busy place for wildlife.


I found my perfect spot along the water, and waited for the sun to warm the bay. The sudden squawking of a Peregrine Falcon alerted me, and he sat watching me for a few minutes before flying off for another perch. The giggle of a Bald Eagle teased me across the water, and Greater Scaups floated by along with their Bufflehead friends.

The early morning was overcast and chilly, and even with winter boots on, my toes began to chill. At last my patience paid off as the sun gave me a glimpse before rising behind the cloud cover.



And so I went in search for the light down in Eastport at theΒ Annapolis Maritime Museum.


This picture perfect early morning was topped off with a hot chocolate and a warm croissant. I hope your morning was as beautiful as mine was. Bella

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  1. I’m glad some one gets up early to do excellent sunrise shots! I was still off in dreamland. Have you tried electric socks? My ex swears by them, but I never have. I stick to my Smart Wool socks.

    • LOL ! Yes, I’m not usually an early bird either. But if I want fantastic shots, I need to start chasing the light. I did come back home and took a mid morning nap though. Nope, didn’t try the electric socks, but I do have better winter boots that I’ll wear next time.

  2. Bella:
    I just discovered your β€œA Chilly Morning on the Bay” photographs. They are beautiful! I’m a painter and use the Internet to find scenes to use as reference material. I’m very interested in using one of your photos for reference if I may. It is the third picture where you are looking out over the bay from behind a bench and what appear to be two tables or perhaps two old time school desks. Would you mind my use of your photograph for my development of a painting? Can you tell me about the desks or tables and am I correct that you are looking eastward across the Chesapeake Bay?
    Thanks for sharing your photos.

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