A Messy Annapolis

Well, that was rather odd. I have a smugmug account, and I went and tried to share my Annapolis album with you via their “Be Social” option. Alas, all it sent over was this one mallard duck enjoying the flood in Annapolis harbor. So just discovered something, If you click on the duck it’ll lead you to my smugmug album with the duck photo up. Close out that photo and you can see the album. Kind of cumbersome I’d say.

So I guess it’s time to do it old school style.

The waterfront was underwater at Dock Street, and with my muck boots I happily splished and splashed in the water. Along with Maddie the dog who was excited to have a new friend.

Ok, so it looks like this post is a total mess. Humm..guess I need to figure out just how to work the Smugmug/Wordpress link than.

One thing I’ve been tentative of is taking my Canon 7D and 23-105mm L lens out in the rain. Some people say it’ll handle the wet, the others say no. When out in the light rain, I came across another Canon user with a Mark II and he had it bare naked out in the rain. No rain coat, no towel, nothing ! Of course I had to ask him what he thought about the weather hardiness of my kit. He also has a 7D and takes in out in the rain all the time, so long as it has an L lens I should be good to go.

Still too good to be true I’d say. But at least I don’t have to panic if my camera gets a little damp then. My morning was also better than the owners at the Storm Bros. Ice Cream Factory. His store clearly had flooding and he had a pump and pipe to drain out the water.

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  1. Canon says these cameras can endure a lot of weather, photographers have told me they shouldn’t take too much rain (or dirt or dust). So better protect them if we can. Nice duck and dog, Emily. Wet ones…

  2. Storm Bros Ice Cream flooded…. Oh noooos! The irony!

    I think I told you this… But I take my 7D out in our FLA rain alllll the time — Canon’s done lots of testing on them. No need to panic for a bit of damp. But for the heavier rains, I definitely use protection. Sometimes it’s fancy protection too. Think store plastic bags — FAB and easy. 🙂

    • That is funny isn’t it? Storm Bros. Of course I had to take that shot ! Really..7D goes out for a swim? Still nervous. The kind of luck I’ve had with my equipment this year makes me think twice. They’re always breaking! I did get a duck thing, but forgot to pull it out. Great to know though

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