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Maine, So Far Away

Sweet the memory is to me Of a land beyond the sea, Where the waves and mountains meet, Where amid her balsam trees Sits Acadia in the heat, Bathing ever her white feet In the tideless summer seas.  (Original poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – “Amalfi” with minor word changes)

A Green Field

Drive along a long dirt road in the countryside of Michigan and experience a summer afternoon. Brilliant green fields topped with fluffy white clouds and blue skies are a far cry from the metal and concrete of Ann Arbor. Upon arrival to the monstrous Detroit Airport and a […]

Santa Cruz Island – Cerro Dragon

Continuing on our Galapagos adventure an afternoon stop at Cerro Dragon cove and wetland brought a contrast in landscapes. A rocky and sandy cove dotted with large cacti greeted us. A dry landing onto volcanic rock brought us to the trail. A resting volcano stood in the distance […]

A Zoo Stroll

The visit yesterday at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park was not just to enjoy Luke the Lion’s new Pride but to also discover other exciting and exotic wildlife. Let’s first watch Luke trying to take a mid-morning rest, while his cubs had other ideas. We walked towards the […]

Pink Neck of the Manor

Today I was given a new nickname “Pink Neck of the Manor.” Yesterday I was out on a trail ride at the barn with Remy Martin and along the way we caught sight of two fox kits playing on along the edge of the woods. I had been […]

The Charles Darwin Research Station

Traveling among the isolated and remote islands of Galapagos, one begins to wonder if man inhabits any of these islands. But there is such a place, a change of pace from the natural world that nearly all the ship’s itineraries include. Located on Santa Cruz Island is Puerto […]