A Zoo Stroll

The visit yesterday at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park was not just to enjoy Luke the Lion’s new Pride but to also discover other exciting and exotic wildlife.

Let’s first watch Luke trying to take a mid-morning rest, while his cubs had other ideas.

We walked towards the bird-house, crossing over a bridge on the Asia Trail. A magnificent beast was pacing along the small pond getting some exercise.



In the aviary a beautiful peacock was preening, making sure each feather was perfect.


The Burrow Owls kept their glaring eyes on me, wondering if perhaps I was a zoo keeper with food.


A Guira Cuckoo slinked by inquisitive as to who the visitors were.


And the pink Flamingos stood guard over their eggs, waiting for the day that their babies will emerge.


A large rookery of Black Crowned Night Herons have made the National Zoo their summer retreat. Seems the zoo staff have been trained well and provide afternoon meals to the summer migrants. While the adults lounged in most of the zoo pens, the juveniles were all kept in their own nursery pen. Mind you, this is all by choice as these wild birds have made the zoo their home.


Even the water lilies were in full glory on the walkabout. A perfect ending to a perfect summer day.


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