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The Lions of the Serengeti

Click on any of these images to see the full Lion series. All images are available for purchase. If you ever want to go to Africa and see lions, Tanzania is the place to visit. During our African Safari, we were privileged to see lions in a number […]

Brotherly Love

Without thinking, it has become big cat week. First with the spotted ones; a cheetah and a clouded leopard. A walk towards the lion pen was certainly in order. Luke and his mates, sisters Naba and Shera, had cubs in January, 2014. Now 21 months later the cubs […]

A Zoo Stroll

The visit yesterday at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park was not just to enjoy Luke the Lion’s new Pride but to also discover other exciting and exotic wildlife. Let’s first watch Luke trying to take a mid-morning rest, while his cubs had other ideas. We walked towards the […]

Tree Huggers

Let’s join in with Luke the Black Maned Lion and his son John in a great tree hugger love fest. We love trees Trees are our friends. Trees support our lives. They provide shelter from the sun. They provide heat in the winter. Trees are awesome.

King Luke and His Pride

Meet King Luke, king of the jungle at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. and his large pride of seven beautiful cubs. Two sisters, Shera and Nababiep are Luke’s lovely ladies who generously provided seven healthy cubs in late summer of 2010. Scheduling a field trip January 2011 […]