A Green Field

Drive along a long dirt road in the countryside of Michigan and experience a summer afternoon.

Brilliant green fields topped with fluffy white clouds and blue skies are a far cry from the metal and concrete of Ann Arbor.


Upon arrival to the monstrous Detroit Airport and a near mile walk to the baggage claim, a short drive west took this country mouse from the city to the country. Being able to take a deep breath of fresh air, away from the noise of a city is I was able to find serenity.

The barns are different here than in Southern Maryland. Huge fields of corn and wheat require different usage of the utility buildings. They are tall and big, holding a wide variety of farm equipment and other what nots that a farmer may need.




Only a little time was available for exploring yesterday, so I hope to be able to sneak off today and find some more lovely country landscapes to share with you. I will leave you with the fantasy of getting on a horse and galloping across this beautiful field. Hair flowing in the back and wind passing quickly on your face.


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  1. You were in Michigan and didn’t let me know you were coming?

    It’s too bad that you’re in the southeast part of the state, that’s where we keep all the people. The other 80% of Michigan is completely different than what you’re seeing. There are a couple of wildlife refuges on shores of Lake Erie, but that’s not a very photogenic area either.

    It’s too bad that you won’t see our miles of beautiful sandy beaches along Lake Michigan, or our north woods that go on for miles.

    • I kept it a secret so that I could surprise you ! I know..tons of people in that area. I was so happy that I was able to drive out of Ann Arbor each day into the countryside. It was glorious. How I wish I could have been out in your part of the state as you show it so beautifully.

  2. Barns were one of my favorite subjects when I was in Michigan. They really are different in different parts of the country.

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