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Down on the Farm

There’s a farm down on the river. A farm that few people know about. This historical land situated on the beautiful Potomac River across from Mount Vernon, home of George Washington himself. The National Colonial Farm at Piscataway National Park is located on 200 acres and has a […]

A Green Field

Drive along a long dirt road in the countryside of Michigan and experience a summer afternoon. Brilliant green fields topped with fluffy white clouds and blue skies are a far cry from the metal and concrete of Ann Arbor. Upon arrival to the monstrous Detroit Airport and a […]

Views from Fort McHenry

It was a day of bi-polar weather with the sunrise illuminating the snow that was heavily falling on the bay. By noon, the dark gray skies moved east, opening up to beautiful bright blue skies with puffy clouds. I had visions of visiting the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore […]

The Color Parade at the Naval Academy

Allow me to disrupt the current channel programming and bring you back state side to Annapolis, Maryland. This week is commissioning week at the U.S. Naval Academy. A full week of celebration, pomp and circumstance to celebrate the graduation of the current class of Navy cadets into military […]