2013 Project 365

Project 365/163 – Vintage Boats

“Come, don’t be in a fright, but put on your clothes, and I’ll let you into a secret. You must know that I am Captain of this ship now, and this is my cabin, therefore you must walk out. I am bound to Madagascar, with a design of making my own fortune, and that of all the brave fellows joined with me…if you have a mind to make one of us, we will receive you, and if you’ll turn sober, and mind your business, perhaps in time I may make you one of my Lieutenants, if not, here’s a boat alongside and you shall be set ashore.”

Henry Avery, informing Captain Gibson of theΒ Duke(who was a notorious drunkard) that he was taking over the ship and going pirate. (Johnson 51-52)

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    • There is a huge antique boat show in the Eastern Shore of Maryland this weekend I wish I could be there. But alas, duties are in the way. Actually, this is a cruiser, a cheap version of the Chris Crafts.
      Also, up in the Thousand Islands of New York, is a stunning antique boat museum. True works of art.

    • See you are so wonderful about finding the stories from real people in the past. I wish I could keep an interest in biographies and personal stories like you do. For me, it’s not something I gravitate to.

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