A Ruddy Turnstone


Hello, I’m a Ruddy Turnstone. Also known as “Engraved Light Green Flag #J5m”.

I was first found in 2009 in Mispillion Harbor, Delaware and I was migrating along with a lot of my friends.


There are thousands of us. Ruddy Turnstones, Sanderlings, Black Bellied Plovers, Western Sandpipers, Red Knots and many many others. We love to travel as far north as the northern arctic on the American Continent, and head as far south as Southern Argentina.

Our favorite stopping point mid-May is always the Delaware Bay. In fact, I love it so much, I’ve made sure that I’ve stopped there every year since. See the Horseshoe Crabs love to leave their eggs for us to dine on. It’s such a wonderful delicacy.


It’s a really long journey and a lot of hard work. But somehow we manage to survive year to year to make the sojourn across thousands of miles. My best friend “Moonbird” is a Red Knot that has traveled the equivalent to the moon and back one and half times since he was first found in 1995. Moonbird has defied all odds, far outliving the average lifespan of four to five years for a Red Knot. He’s 19 years old now and still going strong. The toughest little bird that I know.

SB22may14-2810Perhaps you’ll get a chance to find me again next year. Until then…happy flying!


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  1. Very cool and inspirational! That lil guy really is loving life to have technically lived 4X the normal Red Knot!!

  2. Nice to see live horseshoe crabs. Used to live in Southern Delaware and would go to Lewis and the beach would be covered with dead horseshoe crabs. Loved this post.

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