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As Winter Wanes

As winter begins to wane the promise of spring whispers in the air. The earth begins to reawaken with life. Small green shoots of growth appearing on the forest floor, and the skies begin to fill with bird migration. It’s a favorite time of year for me, even […]

Julia and her Friends

Beautiful little Julia, with a collar to claim. “T186” is the human tag for her and incredibly Julia has lived well with it regardless of its size. Julia was born before 2005 in…drum roll please… ALASKA ! And now winters across the American Continent on the Chesapeake Bay. […]

Shorebirds Galore!

Last week I headed to the Delaware shore in search of migrating shorebirds and in particular the Red Knot. I knew the Red knot would be elusive as the reports I had studied on the Cornell University eBird.org showed that they had pushed through earlier in the month. […]

Meet 6E4 a Piping Plover

Meet 6E4 a Piping Plover that I discovered while laying on the wet sand of the Bolivar Peninsula last week. Whenever I’m observing and photographing a flock of shorebirds, I’m also on the search for those that are wearing jewelry. As those that are wearing jewelry tell a […]

Snow Geese in Middle Creek WMA 2017

There is an early springtime event that literally takes my breath away every year. Located along the Mid-Atlantic Flyway, Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Stevens, Pennsylvania is a resting stop for tens of thousands of migrating Snow geese on their way north to the Northern Tundra for […]

A Ruddy Turnstone

Hello, I’m a Ruddy Turnstone. Also known as “Engraved Light Green Flag #J5m”. I was first found in 2009 in Mispillion Harbor, Delaware and I was migrating along with a lot of my friends. There are thousands of us. Ruddy Turnstones, Sanderlings, Black Bellied Plovers, Western Sandpipers, Red […]

Project 365/223 – All Fluffed Up

The fall birding migration is on! Now that the temperatures are waning a bit, the birds are on the move southward. Learned something new today. Would you believe there is actually a bird migration forecast? It’s just like the weather forecast where you can watch the waves of […]