Julia and her Friends


Beautiful little Julia, with a collar to claim. “T186” is the human tag for her and incredibly Julia has lived well with it regardless of its size.

Julia was born before 2005 in…drum roll please… ALASKA ! And now winters across the American Continent on the Chesapeake Bay. She comes with many of her friends and they have found a safe haven on a busy river amongst all the duck hunters across the waterway.

The neighbors on the waterway collectively buy all of the hunting permits for their side of the peninsula, and the waterfowl know that they can float safely along the shoreline.

I have to thank my lucky stars as one of these residents have allowed me to come and visit this beautiful and elegant flock. Freeze as I may while sitting on the dock of the bay. But sitting there listening to them talk to each other, cooing, whistling and down right fighting. It’s all worth the frozen digits.

I’ve visited twice so far and am only just started to get warmed up with capturing images with them, so I’m looking forward to more visits and hopefully for some beautiful light.

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  1. Nice that the swan has been reported and thus ensures important data. I often look for birds with rings that I report to the bird center. Good thing that you have access to this river and were able to take beautiful photos. Best regards Werner

  2. Wow what beautiful pics & story behind them. Such a beautiful gift you have given us & you have been given to enjoy their grace,beauty & even anger . Their fights can be quite a spectacle to see. I look forward to more.

  3. Amazing. Just lovely. The story is wonderful. From the long flight for these beautiful birds to the efforts of the humans on the bay.

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