Eastern Shore

An Unexpected Day

It was an unexpected winter’s day on Sunday. The Farmer’s Almanac did predict a warmer winter with plenty of rain and so far it has been true.

A huge storm front pushed through on Saturday and the Skyfire sunrise predictor showed that a colorful sunrise was to follow. So I left the house at o-dark-thirty to head to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. I wanted to head down a road that I really hadn’t been to before.

I arrived in the dark and enjoyed my packed breakfast and realized that where I had decided to be for my sunrise spot was actually too far south of where the color was indicated. But the blues..oh the blues of the sky were incredible. The storm was just passing and the sky was filled with angry clouds. Dynamic wistful clouds that pushed eastwards with strong winds.

Where I stood I had a 360 degree view of the landscape. Maryland’s Eastern shore is so flat and the marshlands extended out for miles.

The winds were so strong that I worried for the slow shutter speeds I was trying to do to help blur the clouds, so I opened up both of my car doors and tucked in between them for a wind break. After a few longer exposures I realized that the better images where with faster shutter speeds so I adjusted my settings accordingly and felt safe to leave the wind break.

The sky was so incredible that I didn’t lament the fact that there wasn’t a sunrise. I was alone on the road, save nothing else except for an unknown creature that ran away in the dark when it saw my car’s headlights.

As the light grew I set off to drive the wildlife loop before continuing my journey to Ocean City. The Winter Blues continued full in the sky.

Off in the horizon the Wolf Moon was setting. Brilliant earlier in the morning, the rising sun overcame the moonset. With the sun the birds began to take flight, warming their wings with motion.

I lamented as my time was limited and it was time to continue on my journey. The day was just warming up just like a fresh spring day with temperatures rising to 70 degrees. After all, the beach was awaiting me and hearing the surf hitting the sand was worth the journey.

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  1. Fabulous. Those really are some beautiful beautiful blues you captured. Those kind of morning “sunrises” own a feeling all their own. Great work and eyes. 😁

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