Category: Eastern Shore

An Unexpected Day

It was an unexpected winter’s day on Sunday. The Farmer’s Almanac did predict a warmer winter with plenty of rain and so far it has been true. A huge storm front pushed through on Saturday and the Skyfire sunrise predictor showed that a colorful sunrise was to follow. […]

A Spectacular Sunrise

The Sun took my breath away today. Granted it was a chilly 30 degrees with a brisk breeze, but the o-dark thirty departure from home to arrive at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge was certainly worth it. One of my favorite photographer tools is the Skyfire option with […]

At the Beach

When I think of the beach, I think of blue skies, balmy breezes, green sea oats and soft sand under my bare feet. I do not think of gray skies, frigid winds, dried sea grasses and frozen ice and snow on the beach.   One day perhaps summer […]