2013 Project 365

Project 365/323 – Patapsco State Park – Along the Railroad


It was a cold and hard hike today. Going up and down steep hills, and walking them like a mountain goat. It’s been so cold the past few days, that this interesting mushroom was actually a frozen piece of art.

Along our meandering trail route, bushwacking and following deer paths, glimpses of the railroad tracks kept us heading the right direction. Passing the Davis Tunnel, which was the last Old Main Line tunnel built. This 497 foot long tunnel was built in 1906 by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company, one of the oldest railroad lines in the United States. The route originates just outside of Baltimore at the Relay station and heads west, ending up at Point of Rocks, Maryland.


A little further down the line is another tunnel bridge, this one is known as the Davis Branch Bridge. An original stone arched bridge, built in the 1830’s is unique. Having three braces added for support, it is thought that this bridge was subjected to a storm’s wrath.


Babbling brooks graced most of our way. That is, when we weren’t going up or down some steep hill.


Now that I’ve thawed out a bit, time to get caught up with the mundane after a fun adventure out in the woods. Hope you had fun with Black Friday today.

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