2013 Project 365

Project 365/316 – Tiger Babies at the National Zoo

One phrase for today: Too Cute ! Too Cute !

Two little adorable, cuddly, cute, fuzzy and stripped Sumatran tiger cubs have started their daily outdoor adventures at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park.

Born on August 5, 2013 to their parents Damai (mom) and Kavi (dad), Sukacita (girl) and Bandar (boy) are as cute as cute can be. They are now being turned out daily at 10am for about an hour of outside adventure with their mom. This of course, depends on weather, and the animals themselves.

It’s going to be a thrill to watch them grow in the upcoming months. And hold on..there are rumors of hoping of starting a new lion pride with Luke and his lovely ladies next spring.

Suffice to say that I took a 32 gig memory card and quickly blew through 700 images. Saving the remaining space for other zoo visits I had to leave as my memory card got full. 1300+ images to work through, so I’ll be busy for a few days. 

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  1. Resistance is futile–I have to admit they are really cute. Your wonderful photos are enough to encourage me to visit them, since I live in the Northern Virginia suburbs, only a metro ride away from the National Zoo.

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