2013 Project 365

Project 365/114 – Along the Meadow

untitled shoot-2492


Landscapes have a language of their own, expressing the soul of the things, lofty or humble, which constitute them, from the mighty peaks to the smallest of the tiny flowers hidden in the meadow’s grass.

Alexandra David-Néel

untitled shoot-2490-Edit

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  1. oh, there are so many wonderful barns about here in arkansas. there’s one i’d really love to shoot, but it’s in a busy location, just off the interstate here in town. but barns make wonderful subjects, and these are terrific photos, emily!

  2. Barns are something the US has all over us, our barns, well we call them sheds are crap really, not very often you find one that shows any imagination, so I love seeing the ones you and others post.

    • I find this totally fascinating. I just figured that these kind of barns are everywhere in the world. Although this is from a previous era and are gradually decaying. I’m so happy to share these treasures with you then.

      • Australian’s have sheds, not barns, they are nearly always made of corrugated iron, older ones of wood, but basic, they weren’t built to be pretty, sheds are for storing stuff in. We Aussie’s love our corrugated iron. haha. So I am even happier looking at your barns they are fascinating.

  3. Where my parents are in WV and how I drive there from VA the landscape is littered with barns. I have debated on doing a project with my bigger lenses and just shooting them. If you really want to overdose on barns drive out Route 7 West past Leesburg into Winchester. Then find Route 259 into VA/WV and you will be in barn photography heaven. I’m sitting on like 20 unprocessed because I was in my phase of I can’t shoot a landscape or literally the broad side of a barn to save my life.

    • You are too funny ! I bet you can do something with those old images now. Make them funky…crop like heck! It sounds beautiful where your parents are. Indeed it sounds like a picture perfect road trip.

  4. nice to see barns on other countries…ours in Yorkshire are mostly old stone buildings, nothing of the grandeur of yours….great photos by the way!

  5. Really lovely…. I have such a soft spot for these old barns. I’m always sad to see them in disrepair, but you and I know the kind of money it can take to bring them to full working (safe) order. 🙂

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