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Gallery of Gratitude

This time of year is a wonderful time for personal reflection and appreciation of special people in our lives.

I’ve been very fortunate to have a great photography coach that I met last year when I had finally purchased my first DSLR. Lynford Morton of PhotoTourDC and PhotoCoachPro offers a great idea that I think we all will have fun with.

We should all create a “Gallery of Gratitude” showing photos of people, things or places that we are thankful for. On Lynford’s PhotocoachPro blog, he  eloquently proposes the idea of the Gallery of Gratitude as a Modern Day Thanksgiving. Borrowing the idea from Seth Godin, Lynford expands the idea for a photo gallery.

This is a time that we can visually share with others those people that have had a positive influence on our lives. Encouraging us to be a better person and supporting us through challenging times. It is these people, and yes, places and things that we can be truly grateful for. Our busy lives cause us to go as fast as possible, buzzing from one thing to the next. But life has no true meaning if you don’t slow down and think about what is truly important.

So why don’t we all create a “Gallery of Gratitude” and share it with each other. Post it on your blog and include the tag GRATITUDE so that we can all search and share our galleries.

You are also welcome to share your gallery on Bella Remy Photography’s Facebook Page.

I can’t wait to see what you’re thankful for. We all have special people in our lives that are worth celebrating and honoring.

Lynford Morton on my first photo field trip.

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  1. A wonderful idea! I follow Seth Godin on a daily basis simply because he looks for ways in which to bring our community/tribes together. And your blog reflects the joy of connections….

    • Thank you so much ! I hadn’t heard of Seth Godin until Lynford shared his name with us. I appreciate you sharing that you feel that my blog “reflects the joy of connections.” I don’t mean to, but I think that is indeed what I look for and want to share in life.

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