Planning My Escape

All this talk of cooling weather and an impending winter makes me tremble in fear.

After a super hot summer, the last thing I want to do is become an Eskimo and have to bundle up to fend off the chill

So I’m planning my escape.

Off to Mile 0 in Key West, Florida.

Most certainly Old Man Winter won’t find me here.

Want to join me?

We can spread our toes in the sand of the Caribbean Sea.

P.S. How do you like this new gallery format?

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  1. I like the gallery. But maybe not too many pictures vertically, so that one won’t have to scroll down? Well, but that would mean two postings, I think. Anyway: a nice collection/collage.
    As to wintering in Florida: a good idea. For us here in southern Texas, I hope winter won’t be too bad.
    Best regards,

    • The new gallery features that WordPress offers create s the gallery automatically. The other two are square and circles. I thought the circles cut too much of the photos, and the square are just…squares.

      Thanks for your feedback though, I appreciate it. I’m not sure I’m a fan yet of the gallery feature either. It limits the amount of writing you can do between photos and the post becomes a photo post instead.

  2. We actually got into the 50s here last night!! 😯 I’m freezing!
    Supposed to go back to close to 80 though in a couple days.
    Key West sounds great!
    They have a lobster house?! Wow! I know I would love that!
    I like the new gallery format but sometimes it is easier to view the photos without having to click on smaller ones to enlarge them.
    I’ve had thoughts of fooling around with mine too but I’m not big on change. πŸ˜€

    • This is actually a fantasy as no trip is really planned. They’re calling for unseasonable amount of snow for our area this winter. After “Snowmaggedon” two years ago, I really don’t want to deal with it again.
      Yeah, lobster in Florida. But it is so different than Maine lobster.

      The Gallery format is ok, but doesn’t work for you and me. We like to share stories with our pics, and can’t really do that with the gallery style. Also you lose control of how the pics are presented.

      Agreed on the BRRRR thing. It’s been cold this week too.

  3. Great shots – and nice to know where we can find you during the winter… ‘hahaha’

    I love spring, love summer, love autumn, and love winter – I love the change… ‘big smile’

  4. Gr8 pics.. Ther gallery format does certainly look better than traditional, I too recently tried them out on my blog.. Let me know how you found em on my blog too? Its an awesome place you are going to..

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