Foot Prints

An Autumn Afternoon

This weekend has been filled with family and friends in town for a special event. A family wedding to be held at the Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster, Maryland.

Friday was a beautiful autumn day and my poor suffering husband, his brother and I attempted to have a lovely boat cruise with lunch on the water. But alas, the boat angels were taking the day off as well. Not only did the first boat that we took out have engine failure…after limping home and taking a second boat out, that one failed as well. We also has cruised over a crab pot and wrapped its line around both props of the second boat.

After cutting the rope with a pair of wire cutters, we limped home again. This time anxious as we were expected to attend the wedding rehersal in Westminster which was over an hour’s drive from our home through Friday afternoon rush hour traffic.

Arriving to the museum, my eye caught a Hot Air Balloon taking off for a late afternoon float through the lovely evening. Taking a deep breath, I began to relax and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounded me.

Fall is now in earnest with yellows and reds vibrant in the surrounding trees. Two benches quietly invited me to come and sit a while.

I’m thrilled that fall is here and that the cooling weather is bringing the artist out of Mother Nature. However, when heading out this evening a massive cold front was coming through and while it was dark and stormy at our house, it was cold and windy at the farm museum. Crazy to see the storm front though. This is taken with my iPhone and edited in Instagram.

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  1. Oooo sorry to hear your boat trip did not turn out as planned. 😥 The hot air balloon was a terrific bonus though! 😀
    Gotta love the iphone for some quick photo ops, and super fall tree color!
    Sooooo…how was the champagne?! 😮

  2. These are lovely. Fantastic colours. Your leaves are turning before ours but I shall be out with my camera before long. I love the last but one. You have captured the tree just on the turn. What a treat!!

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