An Epic Journey

Autumn is a time of transition. Not only for the trees but also for many birds and the miraculous Monarch Butterfly.

Last Friday while cruising on the Magothy River that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay, little of spots of orange caught my eye. These little bits of color were Monarch Butterflies that were traveling south for the winter.

Traveling primarily alone, I saw at least 30 Monarchs crossing the large body of water, all of them heading south.  The incredible thing about this epic journey is that millions of Monarch Butterflies migrate during the fall when the days are cooler. Many of these butterflies from Maryland and other northeastern areas will end up in the mountains in Mexico. Migration occurs between mid-September through the end of October with the butterflies arriving to their final destination some 2,000 miles away by November.

The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve is an UNESCO World Heritage site outside of Valle de Brava. Of course, being the horsewoman that I am, I’ve discovered a five-day Hacienda stay that offers visits to the Monarch reserve. Visiting the butterflies by horseback is certainly on my bucket list. Perhaps I’ll see one of the Maryland migrants sunning themselves in the high Mexican sierra.

Monarchs by Horseback at Finca Enyhe

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