Bright Spring

The fresh and warmer spring air brings bright colors and a sense of newness. The small pleasures in these spring flowers exude a natural vibrancy that only Mother Earth can create.
Next to one of the most influential buildings in the world, one can step into a natural oasis at the United States Botanic Garden. With deep historical beginnings, the Botanic Gardens showcases spectacular blossoms and blooms in springtime.
The Botanic Gardens have glorious plantings both inside and outside of the facility. When walking through the Conservatory, one can see countless varieties of plants and flowers. The entry way exudes elegance and soothes you with beautiful water fountains and blooms abound.
The United States Botanic Garden Conservatory was built in 1933 and has eight garden rooms that each offer unique climates for different growing conditions. One can walk from the desert to the tropics and end up in Orchids.
My favorite section of the Conservatory was a courtyard area in the southern exposure section which is a children’s play garden with buckets, trowels, dirt and water fountains. The fact that two young boys were helping each other work the water pump is really unbelievable. Usually boys are taunting and tormenting each other.
The Conservatory was sensory overload for me. Between the numerous plantings, fabulous scents, sounds and environments I had such a hard time trying to decide where to point my camera. One large section is a rain forest, while others showed beautiful flowering plants. Even the outdoors was bursting with spring color.
If you’re ever in the Washington D.C. area, visiting the U.S. Botanic Gardens in a must-see. The exhibits are spectacular, and even more so during spring time.

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful flower photos. Wonderful colors! No flowers here yet in my part of Montana. We still have snow on the ground, so this was a nice treat! Gives me hope! 🙂

  2. Great photos of the Botanic Garden Bella! Makes me want to go back but the weather isn’t very nice today.

  3. That is definitely a place I’d like to visit! Perhaps next time the boys go the Air and Space Museum they can drop me off at the Botanic Gardens. I LOVE those ginormous pots! I’ll have to figure out how I can do something similar.

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