Walking in the Footsteps of Romans in Les Baux de Provence France

Imagine being on horseback through the Luberon Mountains in Provence, heading south towards Saintes Maries de la Mer and traveling along bridges and roads previously used by the Romans. Along the trail, high on a mountain top sits a village frozen in past times. With origins dating back to 960 and older, Les Baux de Provence sits in the Alpilles mountains and its cobblestone streets are steeped with a long history of ancient civilizations.

We had the opportunity to have a brief lunch break along the trail to walk into Les Baux to shop and sightsee to our hearts content. Now primarily a tourist destination, Les Baux is home to just 500 residents who maintain this lovely village, and offer a multitude of shops with exquisite Provencial keepsakes ranging from lavender, olive oil, Provencial linens, luxurious soaps, ceramics and sweets.

Walking into town one begins to feel like a Medieval knight entering into a village for a period of respite. The closely knit stone streets are best now for foot traffic, and the streets are closed to modern vehicles. Entering into Les Baux from the hot sun of Provence, the cool stonework and close walls bring desperately needed relief from the heat.

While shopping in a linen shop for hand embroidered table cloths, a couple outside of the shop door caught my eye. Dressed in traditional Provencial wedding attire, this couple were posing for their wedding photos and I was able to catch a quick shot of them unsuspecting.

Note, for those photogs out there – there is a good reason why to place your information on your photographs by watermarking and in the metadata. These photos were taken back in 2006. Last year, when I was browsing a Equitrekking website, I came across this photo and went – Dang…this looks really familiar ! Well, sure enough it was my photograph on someone’s website, with no credit or payment. I’m not sure how they obtained the photograph, but I had placed it on a photo hosting website and had shared the link with the France tour operator. My guess is that they had shared it with the U.S. Equitrekking company. Only thing though – they had linked it with the wrong trail ride !!
Alas, we were only allowed an hour to visit Les Baux de Provence. So I spent that time power shopping as it was the only opportunity I had to shop throughout an entire week. There are plenty of inns and vacation rentals in and around Les Baux de Provence and this area is certainly a place where one can spend their holiday visiting these villages with Roman whispers.

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  1. I’m so jealous. These are such beautiful photos. I am not totally sure why, but I want to live in that shop. Or maybe I want to make a room in my house look like that shop. I’m undecided.

    I am also very jealous of the medieval city. Have you been to Mont St Michel? I know it is completely the opposite end of France (North), but it reminds me a bit of this.

  2. How absolutely gorgeous! And what a history, too! I love that cute little shop and the shot of the streets especially. One day, I will make it over to Europe and it will be glorious.

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