Foot Prints

Accidental Art

Canon G12 – Auto mode Sepia Filter Option

Yesterday I went to Old Town Alexandria, Virginia to spend the evening for business. As I have yet read the Canon G12 book that I had purchased, I brought it along with some hands on practice. The objective? To begin locating the menu options and using the filter options available to me on the unit.

I was playing with the Sepia creative filter in the camera and took a couple of pictures. When I decided to try something else, I dropped the  camera down so I could look at the LCD screen. All of a sudden, I heard the camera take a shot ! I had accidentally hit the shutter button. Due to my recent Lasik surgery, I’m at a little of a disadvantage now as I can see far beautifully, but everything close is fuzzy. I didn’t get to see the shot until I got home this afternoon and realized that my accidental photo is actually my preferred shot of that short sequence.

Heading back home today from Old Town, it was such a picture perfect day! It’s not often that I make it down to Washington D.C. and with my camera in tow, it was all I could do to just pull over, jump out of the car and go on a photo expedition. Alas, I was on a mission as I have a friend in the hospital that I needed to visit. Such a dilemma – be kind to a friend, or be selfish and go and take pictures. Well, the friend won out, so the closest I could get to taking any shots was the Lazy Man’s Way of Photography – shooting out of your car window at a stop light.

All in all, they came out half-way decent considering that I was using the G12 as a point-and-shoot and having to take quick shots so that the cops didn’t catch me. Perhaps another day I’ll get another chance at D.C.

View driving over the Potomac on I-395
Washington Monument
Stone Masons Lodge – they’re everywhere !

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