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Blur in the Woods

Today was an odd day in that it started with overcast skies, cold air, and snow flurries. It then ended up being sunny and bright. Taking my Canon G12 on a 11-mile hike in Patapsco Valley State Park, I took the opportunity to learn this camera a little better.

Passing many streams with small waterfalls, we finally lunched at Cascade Falls. This gave me a chance to play with the waterfall to see if I could blur the water. The G12 goes down to ISO 80, but the smallest Aperture setting I could reach was f/8.0, so I got close to getting the blur I desired, but not a slow enough shutter speed. Of course, I discovered the Neutral Density Filter feature once I got home which would given me a little slower shutter speed.

So I have hiked 21 miles in one week – not bad for coming back from a blown out knee. Hope your day was as great as mine was !

Cascade Falls

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  1. Oh beautiful! I’m a sucker for slow shutter waterfall photos and this is lovely. Well done for all the hiking to get there, it sounds like a great way to spend the day!

    Your camera has a built in Neutral Density Filter?! If that is the case I want one! Or I could just get a filter for mine..

    • Thankyou very much Vrinda ! Yes, supposedly the G12 does have a ND filter in it. It will get me a slower shutter speed without having to close down the aperture more, which I can’t anyway.
      I don’t have a ND for my DSLR as I can get a slow enough shutter speed just with a manual setting. Better to save your pennies for a Graduated Neutral Density Filter which is a rectangular shaped one and use it when you have bright skies and dark backgrounds. Love that one !

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