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Sunrise at Sandy Point

An early wake up call that I can blame on the Skyfire feature on my smartphone app The Photographer’s Ephemeris that caused me to drive down to Sandy Point Park for sunrise. Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning as a storm front is coming in this […]

Breakfast for Two

Sandy Point Park near Annapolis, Maryland has a herd of White-tailed deer and they can be best seen just after sunrise grazing on the grass near the picnic areas. After enjoying a beautiful sunrise, I headed over to where I knew they liked to be and hoped I […]

Bambi Land

I went on walkabout this morning at Sandy Point State Park. The TPE color forecaster claimed that there would be some color upon sunrise. Well, TPE was completely wrong and it was not only lackluster, it was completely dark when the sun rose upon the horizon. But when […]

A Reason to Tern

Mixed in with all of the gulls at Sandy Point Park this week were a few terns. It was as if I was looking for a needle in the haystack between the huge flock of gulls. Surely one of these is not like the other. Indeed, this caspian […]


Today felt as if everything I was looking for kept running away from me. I had heard of a rare gull in a local park and I rushed down there, only to wait in the cold wind. The one I was looking for had taken off, leaving the […]

Snow at Sandy Point Park

Being snowed in yesterday, I took the opportunity to continue working on merging my multiple hard drives into one main working drive. Finally getting all of my backed up images onto one 3 Terabyte drive, I imported them into Lightroom. Total image count? 111,236. Yep..over one hundred thousand […]

Sailing Under the Bridge

Beginning this morning, the 2012 Star-Spangled Sailabration began with the arrival of 40 vessels in Baltimore Harbor. Celebrating the Bi-centennial of the War of 1812, these ships are sailing along the eastern shore stopping at various ports. Baltimore will be filled with a week of celebration and ship […]

Horseshoe Crabs at Sandy Point Park

Having joined the Anne Arundel County Bird Club this spring, I’ve been learning so much about the bird and birding world. One of their most popular field trips is to head to the Northern Chesapeake Bay in the middle of May to see migrating birds and horseshoe crabs congregate on the […]