A Bunting We Will Go Redux

It’s been a while since a charming Snow Bunting showed up in our area. And then it was heard that there were two ‘snowflakes’ that had landed at Sandy Point Park in Annapolis a week ago. With the busyness of the season only this early morn was I able to get out and to look for them.

A beautiful sunrise after the three days of rain we’ve had warmed the sandy beach and brought a fresh start to a new day.



A stroll along the beach, with a tip from a fellow friend and bird photographer Hugh Vandervoort I searched and searched in the brown grass along the beach for a pair of snowflakes.

And then I nearly stumbled on them and was tickled with their adorableness and sweet nature. Watching them forage for a while and capturing them, the spirit calmed and the day became even brighter.

Wishing you lovely snowflakes to land in your path to help brighten your day.

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  1. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing.
    I’m in Colorado for a week. . I’ve got a bonafide photographer friend here and I’m going to talk him into talking his camera on our hike today for some birding!

  2. You’ve brightened my day!

    Is that first photo real! That is gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. The colors are almost too perfect, exactly like gradient shades you can pull up when choosing fill options in software of various sorts. The bridge is almost surreal. I don’t mean to always kiss up to you see I just speak what I see and feel. I certainly admire your talent. Really well done here, and those aren’t even my favorites of yours! 😉

    Now I’ve never seen a Snow Bunting in real time but those are some cuties. Good examples of little brown birds that deserve more appreciation.

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays to you! Weather has been rather warm here as well, some rain the last couple of days though I believe cold – not last year cold – is headed our way.

    • My dearest writer, poet. How I love your words and kind comments. While I can show in pictures, you are able to paint pictures with your words.

      Now I know you would absolutely adore the snow buntings. They are so adorable and so cute. They really blend into the dead grass and if they hadn’t moved I might not have noticed them.

      We’ve also been warmer than usual, no snow. I’m waiting for the snow so that I can follow my fox footprints.

      May you have a beautiful New Year’s Eve and a wonderful 2015. Hugs!!

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