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Eurasian Eagle Owl

The Eurasian Eagle Owl is native to Europe and Asia, but not found in North America. Several do exist in America in exhibits, allowing those that can’t travel to foreign lands to set eyes on them. Considered one of the largest owls in the world, their pumpkin colored […]

A Little Who-Let

There is a little town in Pennsylvania, where along a quiet stream in the middle of town stands a tree. This tree holds treasures within. These treasures? Three Great Horned Owlets! Quickly becoming well-known in the birding and bird photography community in our area, of course I had […]

The Unexpected

You never know when something exciting may cross your path. I was in the grocery store parking lot, starting to leave and saw a hawk in the middle of the aisle. Ready to park and pull out the camera, I saw him flush up from a passing car. […]

A Stick and a Fish

With the despair of the lost nest of Zorro and Esperanza, I have been hoping that they would rebuild. For the first few days after the wind storm, they sat at the nesting site with a look of confusion. Then one day the weather was favorable, and it […]

Fish Dance

After the past few weeks of below freezing temperatures and a heavy snow storm, it appears that spring has kicked in the past couple of days. With the spring comes the migration of birds. The wintering birds have seemed to have gotten up and left. But the southern […]


A little short story of newfound friendships, helping a neighbor, and a love for nature. Last winter I was at the end of a point on the Magothy River looking at tundra swans in hopes of locating a rare Trumpeter swan claimed to be in the flock. One […]