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Butterflies of Maryland

The butterflies of Maryland are varied and colorful. Coming out in full force late summer, these beauties can be seen throughout gardens and landscapes. Maryland is a stopping place for migrating Monarch butterflies, and the Native Butterfly House of Ladew Gardens gathers them in the meadow and brings […]

A Buggy Day

It was a buggy kind of day. Some of those little things that hang around in the garden but are usually ignored. It made me look at things in a different way than usual. It was indeed the dog days of summer. When the season had grown long […]

Enter the Garden

I shall enter the garden through the heavy gates. Pushing the gate ajar, it resists and creaks with the effort. It is a different world inside the garden. An Eden, an oasis. A place where the spirit is lifted from the heavy burden. The lilies shine light and […]

Yellow Fire

It was a southern sweltering day yesterday with high temperatures and high humidity. Traveling to Baltimore, I first stopped at the Maryland State Fairgrounds to pick up my prints that had been submitted for their photo contest. Two out of five won ribbons, second and fourth place. I’m […]

That is One Happy Face !

In the late summer in the northeastern corner of Maryland, acres and acres of happy faces stand blooming and sharing their cheer. Located in Harford County,¬†Clear Meadow Farm¬†plants nearly 300 acres of sunflowers for harvesting. A popular site for nature lovers and photographers, these fields of smiling faces […]