Yellow Fire

Yellow Fire

It was a southern sweltering day yesterday with high temperatures and high humidity. Traveling to Baltimore, I first stopped at the Maryland State Fairgrounds to pick up my prints that had been submitted for their photo contest. Two out of five won ribbons, second and fourth place. I’m pretty thrilled as it’s the first photo contest I’ve entered where the awards are given on merit.

It was a great learning experience as this is first time I’ve taken prints and placed them in coordinating photo mats, with a mat board backing. Plenty of photo mats were found at Michaels, but pre-cut mat board for backing had to be found online. Clear plastic sleeves were also found online to protect the matted images for the show.

Gluing them together, however ended up being a little more of challenge than I expected. Purchasing an acid free glue stick, which I thought for certain would work, actually didn’t stick at all. Even gluing both sides, they literally held together with a prayer. I know now there is acid free double sided tape which would have been a better choice.

Leaving the fairgrounds, I headed up to Ladew Topiary Gardens to scout out the location for my first solo photography coaching class Nature Photo Walk at Ladew Topiary Gardens. This class will also offer a bonus early bird photography opportunity at a nearby sunflower field. (Spaces still available!)

I spent quite a bit of time chasing butterflies in the meadow (Crazy lady alert) and then wandered through the sculpted gardens. A few cool water ponds held gorgeous water lilies, where the frogs loved to lay.


I can’t tell you how much I wanted to stand in the cool ponds, but knew I’d probably get in trouble, so instead I used my 100-400mm L telephoto lens with extension tube to reduce the minimum focal distance to the water lily. Focusing in tight, and using single shot as a focus mode, I selected a single focus point to obtain the capture above.

With some minor edits in Lightroom including vibrance, highlights and shadows, I moved the image over to Topaz Impressions to select a flattering filter.

If you’re in the area and looking for a wonderful photo walk-about. Come join me this Sunday for a great photo tour.

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