Butterflies of Maryland


The butterflies of Maryland are varied and colorful. Coming out in full force late summer, these beauties can be seen throughout gardens and landscapes. Maryland is a stopping place for migrating Monarch butterflies, and the Native Butterfly House of Ladew Gardens gathers them in the meadow and brings them into the butterfly house for nurturing.

Offering host plants for all stages of butterfly life, one can watch butterflies nectaring on colorful flowers, or caterpillars chewing on leaves for sustenance. One Monarch had just released from its cocoon and was resting from the effort.


The collection of Monarch butterflies within the butterfly house are tagged and then released for their journey to Mexico. It is with hopes that one found in Maryland is collected in their wintering home.

Outside of the butterfly house, a variety of butterflies were busy on the Joe Pye Weed and the blooming Thistle.

More Maryland beauties were floating about including a Fritillary and a Buckeye, and many more.

While I see plenty of butterflies around Maryland, the meadows at Ladew Gardens and their butterfly house is outstanding for one in search of Maryland natives.

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  1. The wings of the Monarch butterfly are absolutely stunning, they look like stained-glass windows.

    Byt the way, Emily, I stopped using my old blog and I am blogging now under the name of in case you’re interested. I’d love to see you there.

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