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Pretty in Pink

It’s springtime and the beautiful blossoms have been beckoning me to enjoy them at Hillwood Museum, Gardens & Estate in Washington D.c. A stunning estate with immaculately maintained gardens that continue to mesmerize. It’s one of my favorite places to visit in springtime. A garden of eden in […]

Yellow Fire

It was a southern sweltering day yesterday with high temperatures and high humidity. Traveling to Baltimore, I first stopped at the Maryland State Fairgrounds to pick up my prints that had been submitted for their photo contest. Two out of five won ribbons, second and fourth place. I’m […]

Dancing Daisies

Daisy Time BY MARJORIE PICKTHALL See, the grass is full of stars, Fallen in their brightness; Hearts they have of shining gold, Rays of shining whiteness. Buttercups have honeyed hearts, Bees they love the clover, But I love the daisies’ dance All the meadow over. Blow, O blow, […]

The Goldfinch

I hear the Goldfinch, and then I try, To imagine the world, from a birds eye. All through the day, up on the wing, Oh, what joy, to hear her sing. On wet summer days, you’ll hear me sigh, Where is my friend, from way on high? They […]

It was a Yellow kind of day

Some days begin in the dark, leading to a foggy morning with dew heavy in the air. Today’s journey was to visit the large sunflower fields at McKee-Besheer’s Wildlife Management Area. Well known to local photographers for an outstanding photography opportunity, it was long past due for me […]

In the Meadow

In the meadow little butterflies drift along. In the meadow the wildflowers are caressed by a gentle breeze. In the meadow the air is filled with bird song. In the meadow little treasures can be found. In the meadow serenity can be found. In the meadow your true […]