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Sense of Serenity

A sense of serenity fell upon me along the ponds. He was a young buck, peacefully nibbling on the vines. Meandering in the meadow, it was time for a rest. Calmly tucking underneath a tall hedge, he laid down. Peaceful, but alert he was. Watching his visitor his […]

Tri-Colored Heron

There was a bird in the marsh at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center that was unexpected for me. Four Tri-colored Herons had somehow dropped in along their migration route. I associate these birds more with Florida than with Maryland, so to see their colorful presence was truly a gift. […]

Fight or Flight

A couple of birding friends and I traveled to Chesapeake Bay Environmental Area in Grasonville, Maryland this morning in search of some herons. Little did I know what I was getting was ring-side seats to a Snowy Egret fight. While many of their friends lounged quietly along the […]

Squeaky Toy

This morning I headed out to Maryland’s Eastern Shore in search of a Red Necked Grebe at Kent Narrows. I had never known that birds could be red necks. I did find the Grebe, and a few other charming ducks along the water. It was quite chilly and […]

Going on a Lark

The past couple of days have been a bit crazy, but today certainly made up for it. Meeting with two girlfriends, we headed out to the eastern shore of Maryland, all for a Lark. The temperature gauge on the car read 3 degrees when we were nearing our […]